DAY 2  (4 hours)

A/P and A/R Training:

A. Entering invoices in A/P (QuickBooks Online)
B. A/P aging - summary and detail version (QuickBooks Online)

C. A/P check run and check printing.

A. Creating invoices for A/R (QuickBooks Online)

​B. A/R aging - summary and detail version (QuickBooks Online)

C. Sending sample collection emails (attaching PDF of the invoice).

D. Posting cash collections to A/R.


The alphabet soup of standard forms (examples will be distributed):

1. W-4

2. I-9

3. 1099

4. W-9

DAY 3 (4 hours)

The concepts from Days 1 & 2 will be discussed on the NetSuite system. A general introduction to NetSuite will be covered, as well as the A/P, A/R, GL and chart of accounts basics.

DAY 1  (4 hours)

Staff Accountant Training:

A. Cash reconciliation (spreadsheet and QB)

B. Prepaids (reconciliation spreadsheet)

C. Fixed assets (subledger spreadsheet)

D. Accruals (reconciliation and tracking)

E. Deferred rent (reconciliation)

​F. Deferred revenue (reconciliation)

G. GL entries.

H. Chart of accounts

I.  Allocations (facilities and IT)

F. Departmental P&L vs. Natural account P&L



your chance to start using your accounting education!

With the help of our Real World Training course, you can have the necessary skills to be hired as an accountant. Below is our Q&A on the training:

Q: So how does it work?

A: We train accounting students and new grads essential accounting skills and then try to place them in temp and perm jobs.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: For our first batch of students, it is absolutely free!  This may or may not change in the future. 

Q: So how does Arrow Ledger make money?

A: By placing our students with employers, we can make on an hourly basis and conversion fees for a permanent placement.

Q: So what is covered in the training?

A: Our full curriculum is listed below.